THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE — A Kundalini Sexual & Spiritual Awakening

Eye of the Needle



This metaphor implies that reaching such elevated states requires shedding attachments, ego, and negative traits – akin to passing through a narrow and challenging passage. It suggests that to attain spiritual elevation, one must undergo a profound transformation, relinquishing material desires and embracing inner growth and self-awareness.

In essence, the eye of the needle represents the hurdles one must surmount to evolve spiritually and attain higher consciousness.

It emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, self-improvement, and letting go of the barriers that prevent one from reaching elevated states of being. Another way of describing this is raising one’s energetic frequency or human vibration. 


Eye of the Needle




Today’s article delves into the fascinating world of Kundalini energy, particularly its connection to our sexuality and spirituality. However, it’s essential to recognize that Kundalini is much more than that. It’s the energy of all, the divine energy, revealing itself to human consciousness.

To fully experience the transformative power of a Kundalini awakening, one must undergo a profound process of surrender, described above as passing through the Eye of a Needle.”

Kundalini energy is the essence of pure life-force, embodying all qualities of divinity: peaceful, loving, free, powerful, silent, infinite, and eternal. Being part of nature, it’s deeply sexual and, due to its divine nature, highly orgasmic.

In its purest form, awakened Kundalini energy can surge powerfully upwards through our spine, flowing like waves from the our base chakra, through the heart and throat chakra, upwards and beyond, making us feel like channels for this divine energy from both the Earth’s core and the Higher Realms.

A Kundalini awakening is a powerful and transformative experience, that is associated with raising our human energetic frequency, our earthly vibration and activating our personal spiritual growth.

In the context of NEO Tantra and sexuality, kundalini is an invisible energy life force, which is lies dormant or asleep at the base of the human spine.

During a Tantra Massage, a professional Tantric bodyworker can wake up this powerful Kundalini energy. Awakening Kundalini, with sexual arousal, has unbelievable human orgasmic outcomes and possibilities.


Eye of the Needle




With the correct NEO Tantric techniques, including relaxation, breath and slow arousal, an adult male is able to expand his arousal and orgasm upwards, giving him for the first time, an unbelievable first experience of the potential of his male multi-orgasmic ability.

What I am talking about here, is when a male’s kundalini is awakened and flowing, with the correct NEO Tantric techniques, he can learn to be multi-orgasmic (have many orgasms) and NOT ejaculate.  

Intimate arousal combined with awakening his Kundalini energy, at orgasm, can send a surge of intense sensations, emotions, body shaking, vibrant colours and spiritual insights.

This expanded intense orgasmic experience can awaken him to a heightened sense of awareness, increased creativity and a deeper connection to himself, others and the universe. It’s like discovering a new level of orgasmic consciousness – vibration – frequency within his body. 

A sexual Kundalini awakening can be a life-changing event and with the activation of a man’s sexual energy a truely extraordinary male experience!


Eye of the Needle




A Kundalini awakening can lead to profound personal growth and self-awareness for a woman. It paves the way for her to to delve deeper, to look within and gain a better  understanding of her emotions, and desires, leading to self-acceptance, self-empowerment and spiritual enlightenment. 

In addition, a Kundalini awakening, can be an erotic portal for a women to better know her sexy sexual self. With the correct NEO Tantric techniques, and awakened kundalini energy, a women can transend her body into the most amazing, out of the body, Luminous Energy Multiple orgasms.  With surrender and the free flow of her erotic Kundalini energy the female orgasm can reach extraordinary states of pleasure, ecstatic joy and bliss that extend beyond the physical realm.


Eye of the Needle



We have the power to elevate our human consciousness through orgasm, but not just any orgasm – it’s about truly experiencing pleasure, building arousal, and venturing into altered states of orgasmic consciousness.

I refer to this as a Luminous Energy Orgasm, an orgasm that resonates with the aura. We can indulge in solo pleasure, ascending to heightened orgasmic bliss, or share this energetic experience with others, collectively reaching unimaginable pleasure states.

To attain this angeletic human experience, personal spiritual growth is required, but it’s not an easy path, hence the metaphor The Eye of the Needle.”

Spiritual growth necessitates profound evolution and growth for humans. To awaken and evolve, we must shed our low-vibration selves and embark on a journey of Chakra clearing, a Kundalini awakening, shamanic body de-armouring, becoming our authentic human selves and embrace spiritual enlightenment. Through self-discovery and sexual healing, we elevate our vibrations and expand our human consciousness.

Opening ourselves to healing past wounds and fostering forgiveness for others and ourselves lays the groundwork for giving selflessly. Letting go of anger and resentment and engaging in daily practices of meditation, kindness, empathy, peace, and authenticity contribute to our spiritual evolution.

When we live a life rooted in love and authenticity, we free ourselves from expectations, fully embracing the state of divine bliss. Orgasm provides an opportunity to raise our vibrations, releasing sexual inhibitions, and embracing profound states of consciousness. This openness leads to a spiritual awakening.

Experiencing heightened states of orgasmic bliss can be likened to living in heaven on earth. Sensually connecting with our bodies, being present in the moment, and quieting our minds enable us to explore expanded orgasmic experiences.

The deep relaxation of orgasm allows us to transcend ordinary consciousness, unlocking access to superior states and realms of authentic orgasmic living.


By embracing pleasure through orgasm, we embark on a transformative journey, unlocking profound pleasure, self-awareness, and spiritual enlightenment. Along this path, we shed limiting beliefs and emotional baggage, embracing our authentic selves.

As we tune into our inner essence, we discover the interconnectedness of our body, mind, soul, and spirit, paving the way for divine heavenly bliss, expanded orgasmic experiences, and profound spiritual awakening.

This journey leads us to embrace the divine within ourselves and connect with the vastness of our consciousness, opening up to the extraordinary potential of the human experience.





Tantric Path to Enlightenment

The Eye of the Needle Blog A Kundalini Sexual & Spiritual Awakening was written  by Aleena Aspley on 25 July 2023. 











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Eye of the Needle

A Kundalini Sexual & Spiritual Awakening

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