MY AUTOMATIC WRITING (3rd December 2010)


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Automatic Writing Spiritual Communication Automatic Writing Spiritual Communication is a practice of accessing a state of relaxed focus or altered consciousness and allowing the subconscious mind to freely express itself through writing. AUTOMATIC WRITING SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION  ABOUT THE NEW WORLD … Continue reading

Sexological Bodywork® Australia


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Sexological Bodywork Australia Sexological Bodywork Australia a blog by Aleena Aspley who is a Certifed Sexological Bodyworker. Aleena’s studio is located in North Brisbane. Sexological Bodywork® is a holistic approach to somatic sex education and therapy, aimed at enhancing individuals’ and couples’ … Continue reading

Hello World!

Thank you for looking at my website and reading the articles under my BLOG tab. Some of the articles on my website will be written by me and some articles uploaded will have been written by others.

I will always, name the author and web address, of any article which I haven’t written. Enjoy!

Namaste Aleena Aspley 🙂