Automatic Writing Spiritual Communication

Automatic Writing Spiritual Communication is a practice of accessing a state of relaxed focus or altered consciousness and allowing the subconscious mind to freely express itself through writing.


Written by Aleena Aspley on 3 December 2010


Automatic Writing Spiritual CommunicationAutomatic writing, also known as trance writing or spirit writing, is a practice in which individuals allow their subconscious or spiritual guidance to flow through their writing without conscious control or interference. It is often used as a tool for accessing deeper insights, creativity, and intuitive guidance. 

To Automatic write, one goes into a meditative trance like state, sets a spiritual intention, blesses the writing session with positive energy and then writes as quickly as they can, without without judgment or analysis. The goal is to just write, without editing what is downloaded from source.

NOTE: I understand that the gender wording, now in 2023, may not be politically correct, however, I would like to leave the wording as it was automatically downloaded to me.


Automatic Writing Spiritual Communication



from Friday 3rd December 2010




The male of the species is a wonderful creation. Firstly, men appear on the surface as cool, calm, together, the head of the human species; however it is the female that really holds the real energy, like a silent partner standing behind man, edging him forward, building his confidence and making his earth journey easier.

Automatic Writing Spiritual CommunicationThe female is the true rock behind every man, she is there to love and honor him with her smile and love. 

The masculine is on this earth to learn to be kind, radiate his softer side while being a leader of his family and humbly protecting his clan.

He stands for strength chivalry, to stand solid and firm for his family, to protect his female, to give a firm and loving disciplined voice to his offspring, to build strength and resources from one generation to the next, exemplifying good solid protection and loving to his woman (wombman) and children.

Life in the twentieth century has taken its toll on our human male. His wide eyed wonder for the world, his energy, his charisma, however, his life force is blocked. 

The earth is changing, and so must he to move forward to many more millenniums.  Why is man like this?  Why the terrible blockages?  Why is man stuck? Is our society too focused on material riches, wanting what the Jones’s want?  Man has lost his way.  My question is how can he find his way back?  Where is man heading? This planet cannot sustain, the rape and greed that has taken man away from his roots, his real reason for being on this earth is to learn to become a more highly evolved human being.

Humanity needs to get back to their grass roots, to live in harmony with each other.  The fighting in this world has to stop.  The earth needs calm and a change in energy. Negative energy abounds in all corners of the globe.  The carnage has to stop and humans must get back to the real reason, why they are living a spiritual existence in an embodied physical form.




Automatic Writing Spiritual CommunicationSacred sexuality is a way to help heal the world.  The religions have a paid a huge injustice upon mankind.  The bible has so many untrue passages, written by men, for their own evil ends. 

Spirituality is the key to heal the past and creator has the key to unlock mans undoings.  This is the only way. Religion separates man, the female is man’s answer to heal all past mistakes.




Woman are soft, nurturing, a creature of beauty, intelligence, loving, giving and the brunt of all religions.  Woman has been prostituted, rubbished, displayed, used for greed and male monetary pursuits. 

This is not the reason woman was given to man as a partner, a help mate.  Woman have been misused.  Why does religion cover a woman so she can’t be seen and enslave her as a second class human being? 

This was not creators design. Woman is warmth. The path of human kind is littered with many men who have plundered, raped, savaged and mistreated the female form for their own covert advantages.  No care has been given.  Many males of the human species are predators, mapping, scheming and taking for the sole purpose of his own insatiable need to be a leader.

There is no honor in reaching the pinnacle of creation, only to look behind, and see millions of souls scattered for eternity, plundered, robbed, mutilated and destroyed by hate.   

Creator did not create man to do this damage.  Religion has caused wars, separation, and murder all because man lost his way.  The misuse of the feminine, the heart, the soul, mans saviour to the divine is ruined because of commercialism, industry and economics. She have been traded like a commodity used abused and discriminated.




Woman is man’s religion.  All women are here for his salvation.  When did he lose his way?  How did this happen, how can great changes be made to correct this path of hypocrites, narcissism, lies, torment, misuse of power and loss of connection to the divine source?

The potential of humanity is vast.  Man and religion has a lot to answer for.  Trust is to be regained, reclaimed connection to source is to be found within through love, conscious meditation, quiet trust gained and love empathized.


Automatic Writing Spiritual Communication


We are spiritual beings in a physical body.  Getting back to our beginnings, starting anew, adjusting to new paradigms, losing armors, being naked in the face of creation, to stand and be honoured each as an individual, finding peace, listening to our inner voice, quiet meditation to see our loss of path to the divine being with-in each human body.

The richness of the soul, the answers are within every single one of us.  Finding the key and unlocking each souls enormous potential.  We are all gods; we come in male and female with many varieties in between.  Sex can be for creation and sex can be for enlightenment and a direct connection to the divine. Sex brings connection, love and safety.  There is only one true religion and it is the connection of the human species through love and the divine.  Creator is the source and the way.  Unlock our human hearts; let peace be within each and every single one of us. Love is the way.




Automatic Writing Spiritual CommunicationIn the not too distant future a true change will take place.  A new earth realignment will change how mankind lives on this earth.  Mass destruction and a new world order. 

The beauty of creation will survive.

It will happen; it will be a blood bath. 

Man will kill off his species. 

The rich and leaders of today will build themselves tunnels, forts and safety from destruction. 

However, creator will save only who he wants, no one is exempt. 

No stock pile of food is needed, a new mankind will begin. 

Food will be supplied to the earth souls, who are given the opportunity to start anew and cleanse the earth of the vermin of the previous mankind.

Downloaded to Aleena Aspley, Friday 3rd December 2010

The New World Order

Ms Aleena Aspley Brisbane AustraliaI remember sitting at my computer and typing the above message, eyes closed in meditation, about The New World Order, on 3rd December 2010

I found this writing again on the 11th December 2013.  I am not sure why is took me three years to upload my writing onto this page? 

Today, 29th May 2023, I have been doing a website clean up. I was going over material, on my site that may be out of date, and I found this writing again. I have therefore, updated this web-page with new search engine google optimization, so this page can be found.

I understand that the gender wording, now in 2023, may not be politically correct, however, I would like to leave the wording as it was automatically downloaded to me.




In 2013, I added website links of Stuart Wilde to this webpage (see below). 

Today 29th May 2023, I have just clicked on the web links below and noticed that Stuart Wilde passed on the 1st of May 2013. I think his writings are relevant for today and with what has happened worldwide since late 2019.

About Stuart Wilde: He was a British writer, best known for his works on New Age, self-empowerment, and spirituality, he was also a lecturer, teacher, humorist, essayist, scriptwriter, lyricist, and music producer.

Stuart Wilde on YouTube –


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Automatic Writing Spiritual Communication


Automatic writing is a practice where individuals enter a relaxed state of mind and allow their subconscious or spiritual influences to guide their writing. While some may describe it as entering a meditative trance-like state, it’s important to note that automatic writing experiences can vary among individuals. Here are some general steps to engage in automatic writing:

  1. Preparation: Find a quiet and comfortable environment where you can focus without distractions. You may choose to dim the lights or create a soothing atmosphere to help relax your mind.
  2. Relaxation and Focus: Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and body. Allow yourself to enter a relaxed state, letting go of any tension or concerns. Clear your mind and focus on the intention of connecting with your subconscious or any higher guidance you seek.
  3. Intent and Invocation: Set your intention for the writing session. You may choose to invoke any spiritual or creative energies you resonate with, such as guides, muses, or your own higher self. This step is optional and depends on your personal beliefs and practices.
  4. Begin Writing: Start writing without consciously controlling or censoring your thoughts. Let the words flow freely without judgment or analysis. Write as quickly as you can, allowing the ideas, images, or messages to come through effortlessly.
  5. Detach and Observe: While writing, try to maintain a sense of detachment and observe the process without actively analyzing or critiquing what you’re writing. Allow the words to unfold naturally and trust in the guidance that emerges.
  6. End the Session: When you feel you have reached a natural stopping point or have completed your writing session, gradually bring yourself back to the present moment. Take a few moments to ground yourself, reflect on your experience, and acknowledge any insights or messages that came through.
  7. Review and Interpretation: Once you’ve completed the automatic writing session, take time to review what you’ve written. Reflect on the themes, symbols, or messages that emerged. You may find it helpful to read through the text multiple times and analyze it from different perspectives. Look for patterns or recurring themes that may provide insight or inspiration.

It’s essential to approach automatic writing with an open and curious mindset, recognizing that the messages or insights you receive are subjective and can be influenced by your own subconscious, experiences, and beliefs. Some sessions may yield profound and meaningful guidance, while others may be more abstract or symbolic. Allow yourself to explore the process and find what resonates with you.




In addition, I did do some automatic writing about Daniel Morcombe, when I lived at Little Mountain in April 2004. I was accurate about details of his abduction, that he was taken to a shanty building where he passed and that he was buried next to a creek. 

The location which my automatic writing said he was buried was on the eastern side of the M1, Paynter Creek Woombye.  It is now known that some of his remains were found elsewhere, however, the Paynter Creek location, for me, cannot be ruled out?